The Circle Puzzle encourages children to engage in problem-solving and introduces the mathematical concept of fractions. The material provides children with a hands-on, tactile experience with fractions. The circles on the board are each broken up into a different fraction; one whole, two halves, three thirds, four quarters, five fifths and six sixths!
Let your young one explore and learn with this brightly coloured wooden toy. Fit the colourful cogwheels the right way on the pegs, then turn the knob and watch them turn round. 8 pieces. Motor Skills Toy.
It is specially created for learning and development. They can learn the hours and minutes with its adjustable hands. Learn at play.
Make tying shoe laces simple and fun for your child with this educational wooden toy!  This product is perfect to make tying your laces fun and stress free! It will help your kids reach the milestone of tying their own shoes. It will also improve their coordination and fine motor skills as they can tie and knot the laces.
This bright and colourful coat rack with child friendly motives features racing cars on the race track. The arrangement of the motives is layered which gives a 3D effect. It has three pegs for hanging all your little rascals coats on. Available to buy at Rooms for Rascals
This colourful wooden yoyo from Goki will provide endless hours of fun for your little ones! Learn cool tricks to impress friends and family!