Great Pretenders believe that “dress-up” is so much more than just putting on a costume. Through pretend play kids develop their imagination and creative thinking skills. Pretending develops communication skills and an outlet for expressing feelings and fears. Great Pretenders keep in mind the difficulties disabled children may face when finding dress up and strive to design products for all children. 
Your little superhero will look the part with this adorable reversible cape that offers twice the fun, with quality design and versatility. The black satin side feature a yellow bat emblem and reverses to a red spider web satin print with spider details.
This beautiful 'elegant in pink' dress from Great Pretenders lives up to it's name, with pink and silver sequins on the bodice which flows into a beautiful pink skirt. Featuring a sequins neckline with a tulle capelet, and added metallic embellishments for extra shine. Pink lace drapes over the shoulders on the top.
Your aspiring little firefighters can save the day with this full firefighter outfit from Great Pretenders. This complete 5 piece dress-up-and-play set includes a red coat with reflective tape details, plastic firefighter hat with emblem, a removable personalized name badge, a play axe, and a play fire extinguisher (which is actually a water gun!) and a matching plastic firehouse badge.
Your little ones can have fun and dress up with this magical unicorn cape from Great Pretenders. This unicorn cape has beautiful soft material with a gorgeous rainbow-coloured mane.
Your little wizard can look the part with the ultimate magician wizard set from Great Pretenders! Featuring silver glitter printed stars and moons on a deep midnight blue velour. This 2 piece set includes a pointed wizard hat with elastic chin strap & cape for a full and magical look.
Your little princesses can dress up as Jasmine with this gorgeous, premium quality 3-piece pant set from Great Pretenders! This vibrant turquoise set and fancy golden trims includes satin pants with a gold knit belt and a shiny emerald gem, the top that features a satin bodice, emerald-coloured sequined inset, gold elastic straps, and it's off the shoulders tulle collar with a green emerald gem, a gold headpiece with fancy gold trim and an emerald gemstone.
Your little ones can scare, explore and breathe fire with this red and black dragon cape with hood from Great Pretenders! The cape features a soft hood with large gold covered foam scales and ears.
Your little builder can dress up and build their heart out with this complete 7 piece dress-up-and-play set. This set includes an orange vest with reflective stripes, a hard hat with decal, a plastic play hammer, a plastic play mini saw, a plastic play screwdriver, safety goggles and a name tag.