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Get the work done on the farm with the help of this Wooden Tractor from Egmont Toys! Light, robust and easy to manipulate.
This traditional style spinning toy has a stunning circus horse design that your rascals will adore! It is beautifully coloured with shades of pink and orange and an illustration of circus horses with beautiful costumes, running in a circle on top. The spinning top stays balanced as it spins as it has a solid base underneath it. Push the handle up and down to make the top spin. It makes a gentle humming sound as it spins.
Tin Tea Set - Elephant
 This toy shaving kit is beautifully designed with wooden grooming equipment including a razor, comb, hairdryer, toothbrush and more. The kit is stored inside a stunning little case decorated with illustrations and patterns and  with a mirror inside the lid.
Everything you'll ever need for those fancy tea party's with this colourful train tea set from Egmont toys. Beautifully designed with bright colours and illustrations of a train carrying all its animal friends on both the case and the tea set inside.Perfect for teaching children table manners and promoting imaginative play.
This pacifier holder is made of wooden beads. Some beads have a raw wood finish and some are painted blue or light neutral colours such as grey or beige. The technique of painting ensures absolute safety for your baby. A stunning yet practical product.