Tap tap Garden is a classic nursery activity updated by Djeco to develop little ones’ dexterity. Children can build their own flowers and gardens by attaching pieces to the cork board with the little hammer and nails. They can either recreate the designs provided or use their imagination to create a beautiful garden! Everything comes in a lovely wooden box!
A gluing activity to create a delicious little scene to pose. Children glue the flat pieces together and overlay them to create depth.Contents: 5 illustrated and pre-cut, thick cards with white edges, (20 x 20 cm), 1 tube of glue, 1 explanatory booklet in colour.
The child folds the illustration like an accordion and fixes it using double-sided sticky take. Surprise! The picture changes depending on which angle you look at it from!
A cutting-out kit with crinkle-cut scissors – an activity that children love! Children follow the lines to cut out the sheets with the crinkle-cut scissors. They glue these pretty cut-out pieces onto the illustrated cards to create four lovely designs.
A collage set to create 3 zany animals in 3D. Thick pieces of cardboard to detach and assemble, and lots of stickers to decorate the animals freely.
A kit to learn the art of mosaic, where robots face terrible monsters. 4 designs to be completed with small pieces of metallic foam that work like stickers. The child locates the numbers and affixes the corresponding pieces to the designated place on the board. The designs fill up and the characters come to life.
 Two paintings to be illuminated with sequins. The bottom of the box is equipped with a box to sort your material. A paper frame is provided to perfect each creation. Design around this beautiful image of a bird and a butterfly in the garden.
This jam-packed kit contains 6 flower-themed arts and crafts activities and all sorts of projects to complete: painting, drawing, collage, folding, scratch-art cards and 3D scenes. There is something for everyone! Provides hours of crafting time for exploring different creative techniques.
A collection of material in a large 2-storey box (beads, pompoms, wiggly eyes, stickers, precious stones, chenille yarns, etc.), for hours of creations. Everything is in the box, even ideas! Great for a party. 5+
A beginners’ mosaic kit. There are 4 designs to complete with little glittery foam squares and rhinestone stickers. Children look for the numbers, then stick the pieces onto the right places on the board. As the boards are covered in decorations the mermaids appear, radiant amidst the waves.
 Each kit has no fewer than 6 activities to discover for hours of fun and creation and all the accessories are provided.This set is incredibly varied, including several different arts and crafts activities for hours of fun!Create your own dino world with cardboard dinosaurs to assemble, drawing materials, stamps, collage, scratch art and painting and all the art materials you could need.
A crafty threading activity specially designed for ages 3 to 6. The step-by-step instructions show how to thread the beads and cardboard pieces onto the pipe cleaners to make 4 wild animals.
A pasting activity to complete the 3 animals with large pompoms. Children copy the examples in the instructions booklet and stick coloured pompoms onto the sticky parts of the 3 animals. Surprise - 3 gentle animals appear, ready for pets!
Decorate the playful dogs with the colourful craft balls. Remove the pre-cut shapes, then add the pompoms to the sticky area to reveal three cute little dogs.
Stick on the mosaics to create colourful animals. Three boards in fun animals shapes with pretty printed pieces of foam. Great for introducing the concept of small, medium and large, as well as different colours. Helps children learn simple shapes while expressing creativity. Animal shapes are; lion, rhino, elephant.
Children will love creating their own artworks with this sweet Gentle Creatures felt collage kit by Djeco. An entertaining collage activity specially designed for ages 3 to 6. Children follow the instructions to assemble and stick on the felt dots to create 4 soft and colourful animal designs.
A lovely silver metallic kit for making yarn pompoms. It contains a clever magnetic tool and all the materials to make them with ease. Children can separate the two halves of the tool and wind the yarn around the 2 parts. Once that is done, they put the halves back together, cut the yarn and make the colourful pompoms. Then they just add some beads to make their beautiful hanging decorations.
The Djeco set contains everything you need to make beautiful and unique jewelry bracelets. Cut strips of the patterned paper and roll them on the stick for fine beads that you can use for the bracelets.
A creative kit to make 4 sets of paper jewellery in the style of old-fashioned medallions, which feature adorable portraits of little companions... Each jewellery set consists of a matching ring, bracelet and necklace. A simple activity inspired by the technique of threading real flowers.
A fan and matching case for you to colour in and create your own unique version of Koneko*, an adorable kitten (using felt-tips is recommended).


Djeco DIY Fan


Fun Djeco creative set to create three inflatable rocket ships. This Djeco do it yourself set consists of everything you need to make three rocket ships. The set helps to strengthen the child's creativity and fine motor skills and when they are made, they can be coloured as you want when inflated.
A creative kit for decorated 3 matching mirrors. Using the thick foam stickers, children attach the different floral decorations together. They can build volume with multiple layers, producing mirrors beautifully crowned with flowers. They can then be used as decorative pieces when displayed on the wall. 6+
 A creative kit with 3 space-themed frames to decorate to make cherished memories even more special! Children can attach the mosaic stickers around the edges, then assemble all the pieces to build their frame. All that's left is to pick the photo. Three beautifully decorated frames to display or gift to enjoy precious moments again and again.
This vibrant drawing set has been designed with portable play in mind, meaning it’s ideal for travelling and on-the-go little ones. Everything creative kids need comes in the compact self-contained box with a magnetic flap.
3D Colouring Set - Fierce Creatures
Tiger Tribe’s 3D Rainbow Dreams colour set! This dreamy drawing set is packed with colourful cats, fashionable girls and funky patterns. This colourful drawing set has been designed to create 3D optical illusions. kids simply need to put their 3D glasses on to see their artwork jump off the page!
Tiger Tribe's Crayon Adventures - Garden Colour Set is the ideal activity set for little hands. Comes complete with six stackable silk crayons that twist apart. The crayons are non-toxic, water-soluble and are odour-free. Don't forget to the decorate the colouring pages with stickers!3+
Tiger Tribe’s Light and Shine STEM toy. Engage in trial-and-error exploration and problem solving as they play with shadow and light. All experiments help kids use and apply STEM principles to the world around them, making science and maths fun. With 26 projects inside, children will be entertained for hours with this unique stem toy for kids.
 Tiger Tribe’s Magic Painting World - Fairy Garden kids paint set! Children simply need to fill their magic paintbrush with water to unveil the hidden fairy illustrations with every brush stroke. This children’s paint set comes with one chunky paintbrush and four colourful fairy paintings that are waiting to be painted.
 Tiger Tribe’s Magic Painting World - Farm kids paint set! Kids simply need to fill their magic paintbrush with water to unveil the hidden farm animal illustrations with every brush stroke. Paint over the blank picture board with the water-filled paintbrush. Age 1+
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