Flockmen have made a toy that's truly open ended, letting children come up with ways of how they want to play rather than toy telling them direct, definitive ways of playing.  

Let your child's story be about racing cars, medieval castles or pirates ruling the raging seas - Flockmen® is the glue that sticks it together. 

Through Flockmen's unique language of play, they connect toddlers, young parents and grey haired seniors! Generations find their own way of playing with Flockmen - from telling bed time stories, to competitive building projects and fun games for the whole family.


Build - Enjoy the endless possibilities and the power of many. Enhance your creativity and spatial intelligence by building your very own unique creations. Only imagination is the limit.

Learn - Flockmen encourages discovery and learning through active play. Developing skills and concepts like sorting, matching, ordering, logic, spatial relations, recognition, organization, planning, balance.

Collaborate - Connect and co-play with friends, parents and child-alike souls. Find your own way of playing - from telling bed-time stories, to competitive building projects and fun games.

Let imagination run free with the versatile Flockmen toy. Made from natural wood. Designed for creative play.