Djeco's games are attractive, intelligent and fun at the same time. With a strong family tradition passed from mother to son the Djeco brand has been in exsitance since 1954.      Djeco is a brand of gorgeous, well-designed toys, activities and games for children. Originally from France, Djeco now can be found all over the world. They are renowned for their quality and quirky designs.
Create cute animals with this beginners’ mosaic kit for little ones! Children decorate the adorable animals by sticking on the colourful and patterned circles. Sold out
The house that makes even grown-ups dream! This beautiful children's playhouse where the exterior design features lots of plant pots filled with gorgeous greenery climbing the walls, friendly little cats, windows and a classic striped roof and door. With its windows and door that closes, this large flower-covered hideaway is an ideal playground for children! Sold out
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