Stack these wooden hoops from the biggest to the smallest on the pole, with this brightly coloured wooden Rainbow Stacker from Bigjigs! The stacking pole folds flush with the stand when it's empty, for optimum safety. Helps to develop dexterity and co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.  Consists of 9 play pieces.
Two toys in one! Develop problem solving skills with this stacking and push along wooden toy from Bigjigs. Stack all of the pieces up in the correct order to move the vehicle and begin the fun! Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.
Two great toys in one! Little minds will love the many different ways to build up this wooden Train from Bigjigs. Twisting, turning and pulling this colourful train will provide endless hours of fun. Encourages mobility and helps to develop co-ordination. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Consists of 28 play pieces.
Sort and match the brightly coloured wooden. Four shape sorter from Bigjigs. A great way for your little ones to learn about numbers and encourage shape recognition while slotting each wooden shape onto the board. Sold out
This toy provides a thrilling way to learn about numbers whilst building a brightly coloured wooden tower. Children can practise both number recognition and counting as they fit each wooden piece next to its individually-shaped numerical neighbour. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Consists of 11 play pieces.
Let your young one explore and learn with this brightly coloured wooden toy. Fit the colourful cogwheels the right way on the pegs, then turn the knob and watch them turn round. 8 pieces. Motor Skills Toy.
Get your little ones minds working with the bright and beautiful FSC® Certified Stacking Rings Toy from Bigjigs! The cute rabbit design, soft colour palette and felt ears and tail is a great way for kids to develop their dexterity skills, colour knowledge and learn about different textures. Little ones can stack the vibrant rings from biggest to smallest! The bendy stacking pole makes it easier for small hands to slide the rings on and off
This award-winning educational wooden puzzle from Bigjigs helps kids to improve their counting and mathematical skills. Match the numbered squares to the dots on the base of the puzzle and then count the brightly coloured discs as they are placed onto their individual pegs.
This game is to help rascals improve their dexterity and colour recognition. It is a wooden box with four holes in the top coloured red, blue, yellow and green. There are four balls which correspond with the colours of the four holes. The aim of the game is for your rascal to match the balls to their coloured holes and use the small wooden hammer included to tap the balls into the box. The sides of the box have adorable and colourful illustrations for your rascals to enjoy.
Roll into action with these Rescue vehicles and Garage from Melissa and Doug.
Your little builders can get creative with these brightly coloured blocks from Melissa and Doug. This collection of 100 blocks comes in four colors and nine shapes.
Make learning how to walk fun with the Tidlo Activity Walker! Full of exciting and entertaining activities that are sure to provide hours of playtime fun! This brightly coloured walker includes a spinning cage rattle, mini abacus, a spinning mirror, matching blocks and more to entertain and stimulate young minds. There is even a handy storage tray at the back so your favourite teddy can come along for the ride too!
Ding Dong! Fun is waiting for your little ones at the door of this vibrant wooden doorbell house from Melissa and Doug! Includes four electronic doorbell sounds, four unique locks with matching keys, and four play people. The keys will never be lost as they are attached to the house and the handle makes it all set to go on the move!
This brightly coloured wooden shape sorter from Melissa and Doug is the perfect puzzle to teach kids all about the different shapes and sizes!
This bright and vibrant activity board from Bigjigs is great fun and highly educational. It includes a large clock for learning to tell the time and day, month and season peg boards, plus dials for days of the week and seasons!
Have hours of fun with the Bigjigs Toys First Hammer Bench! Tap away at the the brightly coloured wooden pegs down through the holes to create a flat workbench. Then, turn it over and start it all again and again! This wooden Hammer Bench is supplied with a sturdy hammer and features gently curved edges. Developing hand/eye co-ordination has never been more fun. Consists of 8 play pieces.
This colourful wooden yoyo from Goki will provide endless hours of fun for your little ones! Learn cool tricks to impress friends and family!
The Circle Puzzle encourages children to engage in problem-solving and introduces the mathematical concept of fractions. The material provides children with a hands-on, tactile experience with fractions. The circles on the board are each broken up into a different fraction; one whole, two halves, three thirds, four quarters, five fifths and six sixths!
There are endless play possibilities with this sturdy wooden Rainbow Stacker (Small) from Bigjigs. With these stacking blocks, little hands can assemble a variety of shapes and objects and learn all about different sizes and colours.
Stackers and Nesters Sensory Toy - Rooms for Rascals
Rascals can build a vibrant and colourful Marble Run and watch the marbles roll all the way down!
Your little ones can build and stack to complete the puzzle with these chunky wooden Stacking Blocks from Bijigs. As they build and stack the blocks, they learn all about their favourite and different types of transport. Spin the blocks around to reveal the brightly-coloured train, car, tractor and plane. The chunky smooth wood is gentle on little hands and makes it easy for them to lift and grasp the pieces.
Make this cute woodland animal image with this fun FSC® Certified Woodland Cube Puzzle from Bigjigs. Flip each cube around to find the correct block that makes up the puzzle, or mix them up for a little bit of fun! The big chunky pieces make it easier for little hands to lift, grasp, examine and replace. Develops dexterity, matching skills and concentration
Make tying shoe laces simple and fun for your child with this educational wooden toy!  This product is perfect to make tying your laces fun and stress free! It will help your kids reach the milestone of tying their own shoes. It will also improve their coordination and fine motor skills as they can tie and knot the laces.
Your rascals can learn to play both Chess and Draughts with this traditional board game set! Includes the traditional black checkered board and all pieces needed to play chess and draughts in a small drawstring bag.
Load up Melissa and Doug's stacking train with bright, colorful shapes and get learning off to a rolling start! The 15 easy-to-grasp wooden blocks slot onto rods on the flatcars, providing a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills.
Thread-O Ball Sensory Toy - Rooms for Rascals
What time is it? This educational wooden puzzle clock teaches your little one the first basics about time. It has moveable hands and contains 12 shaped number pieces that fit into matching slots. Each piece is beautifully illustrated with an animal to make the learning experience much more fun.
This vibrant domino run contains rectangular wooden pieces in yellow, blue, red, green and raw wood. The dominos are designed to be lined up close together and then knock each other over in sequence when the first in line is pushed. Set includes a ramp, ball, comb, direction changers and stairs. Your rascals can get creative with items such as books and boxes in your home to create their own interesting and experimental sequence. Encourages patience, problem solving, colour recognition and imaginative play.
Climb into the spaceship and head up into the universe. This colourful 16-piece puzzle comes in a beautiful rocket-shaped box.
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