These Safari Skittles from Orange Tree Toys are the perfect traditional wooden toy! Stand them up...and knock them down! These cute and colourful wooden toy skittles are the perfect size for indoor play and also ideal for outdoor play. The set includes 6 adorable wooden safari animals; a giraffe, hippo, lion, elephant, monkey and zebra and 2 wooden balls.
Your rascals can learn to play both Chess and Draughts with this traditional board game set! Includes the traditional black checkered board and all pieces needed to play chess and draughts in a small drawstring bag.
This traditional style spinning toy has a stunning circus horse design that your rascals will adore! It is beautifully coloured with shades of pink and orange and an illustration of circus horses with beautiful costumes, running in a circle on top. The spinning top stays balanced as it spins as it has a solid base underneath it. Push the handle up and down to make the top spin. It makes a gentle humming sound as it spins.
Rascals can build a vibrant and colourful Marble Run and watch the marbles roll all the way down!
This colourful wooden yoyo from Goki will provide endless hours of fun for your little ones! Learn cool tricks to impress friends and family!
This vibrant domino run contains rectangular wooden pieces in yellow, blue, red, green and raw wood. The dominos are designed to be lined up close together and then knock each other over in sequence when the first in line is pushed. Set includes a ramp, ball, comb, direction changers and stairs. Your rascals can get creative with items such as books and boxes in your home to create their own interesting and experimental sequence. Encourages patience, problem solving, colour recognition and imaginative play.
Knock them down and pick them up! These brightly coloured Woodland Animal Skittles from Bigjigs will provide endless hours of fun for your little ones. These wooden animals are perfect for helping kids’ develop excellent hand/eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.  Crafted from FSC® Certified materials (FSC® C147826), this wooden toy has had a sustainable journey from forest to store. The quality, ethically sourced wood is hard-wearing and can withstand years of skittle play!
Djeco presents Zig & Go, a wooden building game of chain reactions requiring careful thinking. Children copy the 3 designs in the instructions booklet to build courses, or make up their own - the possibilities are endless! This game is designed for ages 8 and over, and all the kits in the collection are compatible, for ever more inventive action-reaction courses!
This Little Dutch wooden stacking blocks game makes for a great activity that the whole family will love.  First, you build a tower by stacking all the blocks. Each player then removes one block at a time and places it on top of the tower. Roll the dice to make it extra challenging and even more fun.
A game of observation and patience. Perfectly reconstruct the image on the challenge card using the 16 cubes! For one player. The wooden frame helps children slot the cubes in correctly. Solutions to the challenges are provided in the booklet. Vintage-style illustrations, and a world of wacky and funny characters.
The Djeco game involves placing the 9 bricks on the triangular board. The plates come in three levels of difficulty, and there is only one solution to each plate. The pieces are made of wood, so they don't break easily. The game sets up fun and games for everyone.
Quartino is a great family game for 2-4 players. The wooden board has a wheel pattern with lots of spaces. Your Quartino cards show just a section of this wheel, each with a group of coloured ‘stones’ showing at the centre and the spokes – all you have to do is to match your card to the colours on the wheel. This is done by playing the ‘stones’ in different places, but at the same time as you are trying to make your patterns match, the other players are also trying to do the same thing.
Guzzle is a game of skill, cunning and all based around an amazing octopus.  The octopus has eight legs – can you build one where each of the limbs is free to find it’s dinner – if they are tangled, your octopus will not be happy! Each player starts with a set of 41 pieces and have to build the octopus before their opponents.
Djeco -Totem Zen
Slide and count! With this classic abacus in vintage colours, you will learn how to count in no time! Just slide the beads from side to side and count them one by one. Or start by making shapes and recognising colours.
Let’s build a sailboat together! This stacker of 14 blocks is a real challenge. Place the pieces on the holder one by one and try to create a sailboat. Or make your own creation. Don’t forget to raise the flag when you’re finished! The sailboat stacker supports the hand-eye coordination but also makes a nice decorative item for the nursery.