Welcome to Tom & Charlotte’s cake shop! This pretty wooden box contains everything you need to make 3 delicious little cakes. All that’s left to do is enjoy them!
In this pretty wooden box, all the accessories needed to prepare three delicious hamburgers. The child composes the hamburgers as he wishes or follows the suggestions on the menu card. All that's left is to taste
Oscar et Cannelle is a beautiful box set containing three little cookies – two gingerbread men and one star – for children to decorate using the examples on the card or their very own designs.
Djeco -Totem Zen
Guzzle is a game of skill, cunning and all based around an amazing octopus.  The octopus has eight legs – can you build one where each of the limbs is free to find it’s dinner – if they are tangled, your octopus will not be happy! Each player starts with a set of 41 pieces and have to build the octopus before their opponents.
There’s a panic in the jungle: hippos, snakes and cheetahs are running riot and disturbing the peace. Help restore nature’s harmony by creating distinct zones for each species. A piece-playing game requiring observation and speed. Choose tiles to complete an enclosure as quickly as you can.
The Djeco game involves placing the 9 bricks on the triangular board. The plates come in three levels of difficulty, and there is only one solution to each plate. The pieces are made of wood, so they don't break easily. The game sets up fun and games for everyone.
A game of observation and patience. Perfectly reconstruct the image on the challenge card using the 16 cubes! For one player. The wooden frame helps children slot the cubes in correctly. Solutions to the challenges are provided in the booklet. Vintage-style illustrations, and a world of wacky and funny characters.
Quartino is a great family game for 2-4 players. The wooden board has a wheel pattern with lots of spaces. Your Quartino cards show just a section of this wheel, each with a group of coloured ‘stones’ showing at the centre and the spokes – all you have to do is to match your card to the colours on the wheel. This is done by playing the ‘stones’ in different places, but at the same time as you are trying to make your patterns match, the other players are also trying to do the same thing.