Rooms for Rascals kids room decor gifts and toys.

Hi all and welcome to Rooms for Rascals, our little Irish family-run business!

Rooms for Rascals all came about when our first little rascal came into the world. Excited as we were, we rushed out to find little pieces of treasure to transform Jim's (alleged) "bar and pool room" into a nursery. It was while we were in the process of decorating that we both discovered that we had a passion for what we were doing. Shortly after came number two and three and as Jim's dream of owning a luxury yacht started to slip away so instead we decided that we'd love to do this for a living while also getting to spend more time with our kids.

Jim who was a landscaper by trade had decided to make a career change anyway (lets be honest he's pushing on a bit) and thought this was an exciting project to work on. Imelda who works as an IT Manager had all the expertise to set up the website and shop whilst patiently helping integrate Jim back into the indoor life.

So in 2018 after many days of painstakingly trying to come up with a company name that hadn't been used already, Rooms for Rascals was born. So with our new name and new found passion we set off from trade fair to trade fair in search for the little treasures which can be seen here on our website.


We are always searching for the highest quality and affordable décor products to turn your nursery or child's room into a safe and beautiful living space. It is important to us that we have a wide variety for you to choose from and we are continuously looking for new and unusual pieces to inspire you. 

Toys and Gifts

When it comes to toys and gifts we are always thinking eco. We try to source as many recycled and sustainable products as possible as it is very important to our ethos. Although sustainable goods might come at a higher price than their plastic counterparts, the benefits outweigh the cost. Wooden toys for example are eco-friendly and tremendously durable. They promote development and encourage creative play. The variety of sustainable products available has grown substantially in the last four years since we started. With more and more suppliers following suit we'll hopefully be able to reduce our waste and better protect the future for our little rascals. Not everything we stock is fully eco but we will continue to grow our range as products become available.


We truly are blessed because from day one the love, support and the loyalty that we received from our family and friends was overwhelming. But we wouldn't expect any less from them as they are always this way. What really surprised us most was the unbelievable support we got from our amazing customers, people we never met before but for some reason put their trust in us. The encouragement we receive every day and over the last few years is truly humbling. So we would like to thank you all for shopping and supporting our little business. Also for your kind words in our reviews, emails, letters and phone calls you've no idea how they pick you up on a cloudy day. We wish we could hug you all.

Customer Service

We believe excellent customer service is imperative and there is nothing we wouldn't do to make sure that your experience is a happy one. We strive to be constantly adding new products but if you require something in particular, that you cannot see online, please contact us on +353863540616 and we will endeavour to help you!

The Future

Unfortunately Covid slowed down our search for new products as all trade fairs closed or went online (which isn't really the same) from the start of the pandemic. The good news is that trade fairs reopened this year and we are very much looking forward to introducing new suppliers and products to help you create that beautiful space you've always dreamt of. We are planning on growing across all ranges in the coming months and we will keep you up to date as we add all our new exciting finds across our social media platforms.

Jim and Mel xx


Rooms for Rascals kids room decor gifts and toys.