Djeco presents Zig & Go, a wooden building game of chain reactions requiring careful thinking. Children copy the 3 designs in the instructions booklet to build courses, or make up their own - the possibilities are endless! This game is designed for ages 8 and over, and all the kits in the collection are compatible, for ever more inventive action-reaction courses!
Being awake was never this fun! Our stroller activity chain is a great way to keep your little one entertained. It features four different hanging toys to look at, grasp for, and play with, including a pelican, a sailboat, a fishy duo, and a mirror in the shape of a life ring. Easily attach it to a stroller or car seat for enjoyment on the road. It encourages children to stretch out their arms and enhances hand-eye coordination.
Have hours of fun with the Bigjigs Toys First Hammer Bench! Tap away at the the brightly coloured wooden pegs down through the holes to create a flat workbench. Then, turn it over and start it all again and again! This wooden Hammer Bench is supplied with a sturdy hammer and features gently curved edges. Developing hand/eye co-ordination has never been more fun. Consists of 8 play pieces.
Rascals can build a vibrant and colourful Marble Run and watch the marbles roll all the way down!
This game is to help rascals improve their dexterity and colour recognition. It is a wooden box with four holes in the top coloured red, blue, yellow and green. There are four balls which correspond with the colours of the four holes. The aim of the game is for your rascal to match the balls to their coloured holes and use the small wooden hammer included to tap the balls into the box. The sides of the box have adorable and colourful illustrations for your rascals to enjoy.
This colourful wooden yoyo from Goki will provide endless hours of fun for your little ones! Learn cool tricks to impress friends and family!
Roll into action with these Rescue vehicles and Garage from Melissa and Doug.
This beautifully crafted sturdy wooden barn from Melissa and Doug features six brass-hinged doors with working latches and locks, and pictures of farm animals on the inside of each door.
Ding Dong! Fun is waiting for your little ones at the door of this vibrant wooden doorbell house from Melissa and Doug! Includes four electronic doorbell sounds, four unique locks with matching keys, and four play people. The keys will never be lost as they are attached to the house and the handle makes it all set to go on the move!
Make tying shoe laces simple and fun for your child with this educational wooden toy!  This product is perfect to make tying your laces fun and stress free! It will help your kids reach the milestone of tying their own shoes. It will also improve their coordination and fine motor skills as they can tie and knot the laces.
Thread-O Ball Sensory Toy - Rooms for Rascals