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Creative and Fun Ideas for Kids Wall Murals: A Parent's Guide

Creative Ideas for Kids Wall Murals

Gone are the days when children’s bedroom walls are bare or simply painted pink or blue. Nowadays, more and more parents are making the rooms more interesting by having a wall mural

If you are decorating your kid’s room, you should consider doing the same thing. Putting up a mural won’t just enhance the appearance of the space but also benefit your child developmentally.

Why Go for Kids Wall Murals

Murals can enhance the look of the room giving it character unlike any other. Having an accent wall that features a huge, colourful painting can make the space exude creativity and uniqueness.

It can also help you turn the room into a space which your child can truly call her own by picking designs that showcase what she likes. 

But aside from transforming the room into a haven your kid will love, murals can be educational tools. You can use them to teach her a variety of things, from ABCs and 123s to animals and countries.

Remember, kids, especially the younger ones, are visual learners. Photos in vivid colours capture their attention and let them learn things better. This is why murals are considered effective learning tools.

According to studies, murals help children understand and retain information better. This is one of the reasons why they are widely used in schools.

Clearly, adding a wall mural in your kid’s room is a smart decision. It helps you improve the aesthetics of the room and at the same time, stimulate your child’s mind. Plus, it is an easy and affordable kid’s room décor option.

Yes, you read that right – putting up a mural is easy and affordable. Nowadays, you do not have to hire a painter to create a beautiful wall painting in your child’s room. All you need to do is to look for wallpaper murals with the design you are looking for. Then, you just stick it on the wall just like what you would do with a regular wallpaper.

Created by experts, these wallpaper murals for kiddie rooms are as beautiful as actual wall paintings but more affordable. They are also a practical choice especially if you intend to change the design after several years.

Kids Wall Murals – What Options Are There?

World Traveller

Let your child discover the world in the comfort of her room with a world map mural – one of the most popular kiddie room themes. These pictorial global maps come in various designs. Some even showcase interesting information that can add to your child’s knowledge of the world.

Numeral Blocks

Want something educational? Get a numeral blocks mural! It is the perfect wall design for toddlers who are learning how to count. As it typically showcases colourful blocks and numerals, this kind of mural is also a good tool for teaching colours. 

3D Mural

If you want a feature wall that truly stands out, you cannot go wrong with a 3D mural. Whether it is a design of her favourite show or a scenic landscape, this kind of décor is surely going to amaze your child and her friends.

Modern and Stylish

For older children or those in their teens, it is always best to go with a contemporary and age-neutral design – one that can stay on even when your teenager becomes an adult. 


Unicorns, fairies and everything sparkly and pink – these are some of the things every little girl would want to see in her dream bedroom. Putting up whimsical or magical murals is like bringing her imagination to life.

In conclusion, you have a myriad of choices when it comes to wallpaper murals for a kid’s room. Ultimately, what you pick largely depends on your child’s age and interests as well as your design preference.

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