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Children's Bedside Lamps Ireland: Useful Guide for Parents

Wall mural, bed and toys – these are just some of the items that are always on the list of parents when decorating their children’s bedroom. One item that is equally important but typically forgotten is a bedside lamp. 

There is this notion that putting a nightlight in a kid’s bedroom is unnecessary, especially in a nursery. The truth, however, is that children’s bedside lamps are essential components of a well-designed and kid-friendly room. 

Children's Bedside Lamps Ireland: What Are the Benefits?

These night lamps do more than just improve the aesthetics of your child’s room. They provide several benefits, and we have listed some of them below.

Aid in Brain Development

Studies show that having a nightlight in children’s bedroom promotes brain development. To be more specific, these lamps can improve their attention to their surroundings. There are also reports claiming that children who have bedside lamps typically demonstrate growth in visual and imaginary thinking.

Prevent or Minimise Anxiety

Total darkness can be scary for some children, especially those who sleep alone. If this feeling is not addressed immediately, it can cause stress and anxiety. Consequently, when kids are stressed or anxious, they are going to have trouble sleeping.

These problems can be avoided or minimised by putting a nightlight. Having a little light in the room can give them comfort. It can make them feel secure as thoughts of something scary looming in the corners of their dark bedroom get eliminated.

Improve Sleep

With children less scared in their bedroom, they won’t have trouble falling asleep. More importantly, the quality of their sleep is going to be better.

Getting a good night’s sleep is highly important for children, specifically for their growth and development. Studies show that kids who sleep better learn things faster and retain information longer.

Additionally, children who do not get adequate amount of sleep are prone to obesity. Several studies also noted that those with better sleep quality have stronger immunity. They are less susceptible to viral diseases like cold.

Make Checking Your Child Easier

Bedside lamps are not just useful for children but also for parents like you. You can use it to check on your child at night without disturbing them.

These devices emit just the right amount of light to illuminate the room. They are not too bright, so they won’t keep children awake when parents leave them on. They also won’t wake them up in the middle of their sleep when they are turned on.

Choosing the Best Childrens Bedside Lamps in Ireland

Clearly, having a nightlight in your child’s bedroom is beneficial. However, you need to select the appropriate bedside lamp to reap these benefits. 

Ideally, go for a lamp with adjustable light modes. It is important that the light intensity can be controlled depending on the environment you want to achieve. For example, a dimly lit environment is what you need for your child to fall asleep.

It is also highly recommended that you pick a lamp colour or design that your child likes. Alternatively, if your kid has no preference, go for a nightlight with a comforting design – one that is not scary. 

Furthermore, make sure that it is created with safety in mind. It should not have any pointed or sharp edges. Plus, it should be made of non-toxic materials as it is highly likely your child might touch or even play with it.

Nowadays, you are going to find a wide selection of bedside lamps for kiddie bedrooms. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Hence, it should not be difficult to find one which complements the theme of your child’s room. 

But do not just focus on the design alone. Ensure that you choose a lamp that meets the other criteria mentioned above for your child to enjoy the benefits of having this fixture in his or her room.

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