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This stunning Sea Sky hanger is made up of a natural undyed cotton canvas fabric, hanging from small cords tiny bubbles and fish-shaped mini cushions. There is a small cotton cord at each end of the canvas so that it may be hung on the bedroom ceiling. Hand-made, each hanger is unique. Thanks to its colors and soft, rounded shapes, this beautifyl sky hanger is perfect for a childrens room or play room! On sale
The Azteca wall hanging by Lorena Canals is ideal for a light, elegant and contemporary look for any room in the house. On sale

Lorena Canals

Aztec Wall Hanging

€31,50 €45,00

Ocean Wall Hanging - Rooms for Rascals, a Leafy Lanes Retailers Ltd business On sale

Lorena Canals

Ocean Wall Hanging

€27,30 €39,00