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Tips on Wall Murals for Children's Bedrooms

It is exciting to design children’s bedrooms with all the different themes and decors available today. One of the highlights of this task is definitely decorating the walls.

The appearance of the walls has an immense impact on the look and feel of the room. Paint it with soft tones like baby blue or pale pink to achieve a soothing ambience. Meanwhile, if you want the room to have a sunny and energising feel, paint the walls yellow.

But nowadays, you are no longer limited to just applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls when designing kids’ rooms. You can now put murals, also called wall art, to enhance the overall look of the space.

Murals allow your child to have a unique room – one with a wall art that is unlike any other. They also let you easily transform the room into a space that closely resembles a place that your child loves.  

Suffice to say, a mural can turn your child’s bedroom into a space that he or she can truly call his or her own. It can make the room cosy, relaxing, interesting and even educational.

Convinced that having a wall art is a good choice? If you are, then check out our useful tips on wall murals for children’s bedrooms.

Single or All-Encompassing Wall Murals for Children’s Bedrooms?

One of the things you’ll have to decide on is where to place the mural. Do you want it on just one wall or all the walls?

If you want to create a focal point in the room, then a single-wall mural is the right choice for you. This is also the best option if you are putting up an educational mural like letter or number blocks as you want to draw your child’s attention to a single spot in the room.

Meanwhile, if you want to give your kid an extraordinary visual experience, then go for an all-encompassing wall mural. This option is highly recommended if you want a space that truly transports him to a place he loves. This is because, anywhere he looks inside the room, he will see elements related to that place – e.g., stars and planets for a solar system room design.

Wallpaper or Painted Wall Murals for Children’s Bedrooms?

Traditionally, murals are created by painting directly on the walls. Nowadays, you can buy wallpaper murals – these are wallpapers that showcase different paintings or designs.

Which should you choose? This largely depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you want to keep your expenses low, then use wallpaper murals as painting the walls significantly costs more. One reason for this is that the muralist’s fees can be expensive. 

How about if you go the DIY route? Even if you paint the walls on your own, you’ll still end up spending more as compared to when you buy wallpapers. For one, paint is not cheap, and you’ll have to buy different colours. With wallpapering, the only thing you’ll spend on is the wallpaper.

Aside from your budget, another thing you must consider is time. Painting walls requires more time than sticking wallpapers. It can take days or weeks to complete painted wall murals. Meanwhile, putting up wallpapers can be done in just hours. So, if you are pressed for time, putting wallpaper murals on your child’s room is the smart choice. 

Neutral or Gender-Specific Wall Mural Designs for Children’s Bedrooms?

One of the most challenging parts of this task is picking a mural design. Many parents get overwhelmed with the numerous options available. To narrow down the choices, decide whether you want a neutral or gender-specific wall art.

Most designers recommend neutral designs for nurseries and toddler rooms. This way, the ‘design can grow with your child’ – meaning you can keep them for many years or until your child is capable of choosing his or her own room decor. Doing this allows you to save as you would not have to change the designs each year.

When your child reaches the age wherein he has specific likes or wants, this is the time you can move to a gender-specific design. During these ages – from preschool to middle school, you can expect your child to verbalise what he wants to see in his room. Hence, you can include him when choosing a mural design.

Creating a space that your child will love and cherish is easy with the help of murals. Putting up a wall art can give the room character – something that is difficult to achieve just by painting the walls plain blue or pink. It does not just improve the room’s aesthetics but also promotes creativity and imagination in your child.

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