This mat is beautifully designed with soft coloured illustrations and text to engage your little rascal and encourage parent-baby interaction. Also includes a baby-safe mirror, plastic rings, a teether shaped like a pineapple as well as textured and crinkling fabrics.  100 x 150 cm with extra puffy padding for your baby’s ultimate comfort!  A fantastic way to encourage the development of your baby’s fine and gross motor skills. On sale
This activity toy hangs on the side of the cot by two clips and has two height options. It has 12 enticing activities including music & lights bear, peek-a-boo activities, rattling clear ball, crinkling parts, mini maze with colourful rings and more. It also has a handle that is easy for little hands to grab and carry. Can be used in a crib, on a play mat or on the go. Brightly coloured with penguin illustration in the middle. On sale

Taf Toys

Laptoy Activity Centre

€29,95 €35,50

This adorable toy is a cute little owl in a boat that plays soothing and playful melodies and is the perfect way to develop your rascal’s cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, motor skills and crawling. It projects gentle colourful star shapes and also has motion, light and volume control. A gorgeous musical toy that can be used as your rascal grows through four different developmental stages: A changing table entertainer, A crib soother, A tummy-time trainer, A crawling toy On sale

Taf Toys

Musical Boat Cot Toy

€37,50 €43,50

This book introduces baby to five essential expressions: happy, sad, sleepy, hungry and surprised in the form of a crinkly double sided soft pad.  It can be played with flat on the floor, when in a buggy or pram outside, or free-standing, which will encourage your baby to practice tummy-time.  The toy is lightweight, easy to fold and includes plastic rings so it can be attached to buggies, car seats and cots! On sale

Taf Toys

My Feelings Crinkle Toy

€15,50 €17,50

This double sided soft baby book with adorable illustrations and crinkle filling is fantastic for your little rascal’s sensory development. One side is black and white and the other is bright and colourful!  It stands up to encourage tummy-time play as well as reaching and kicking. It can be used in a cot, buggy or flat on the ground!  Includes: baby-safe mirror, crinkling shapes, 3D activities and textured fabrics, with a star teether and moon pouch. On sale
The Take Along Cosy Mat is a lightweight, extra padded play mat specially designed for newborns to help them feel secure in their early months whilst getting used to the outside world. The cocoon-like form creates a cosy and cuddly environment.  It is extremely user friendly as it is foldable, washable and has a fastening strap that allows it to easily transform from a full size mat to a cosy mat! The colours are gender neutral and simple with shades of yellow, salmon, blue white and grey. On sale

Taf Toys

Take Along Cosy Mat

€35,00 €45,50